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The PR project of TV program cooperate with Kansai TV
08 Jun 2022

The PR project of TV program cooperate with Kansai TV

The PR project of TV program cooperate with Kansai TV.

Kilala honored to be supported in the project of broadcasting information abroad through television program content in 2021.

This is a Kansai region tourism information broadcast conducted by the Kansai Tourism Bureau and Kansai Television. Kilala's role is as a partner of Kansai Television in the project of broadcasting short television program in Vietnam. Understanding characteristics of the two markets Vietnam - Japan and the ability to operate projects effectively are the reasons for us to become a partner of Kansai Television. We have staffs who are capable of interpreting and interpreting, transfer information accurately and have extensive experience in negotiating with Vietnamese businesses. Through this project, we also learned a lot of experience in TV program production.

TV program name: The Exciting Kansai

Overview: total 40 episodes, each episode lasts 1 minute with 5 seconds for opening and 55 seconds for main content. Video is combination of seasonal beautiful scenes of many regions in Japan and the inspiring voice of a famous host.

Airtime: October 11 ~ November 19, 2021 (1 episode/day, total 40 episodes)

Broadcast channels: VOVTV, VTC1, VTC9

Job content: support, communicate production ideas, translate, interpret, coordinate progress, conduct surveys, online PR on Facebook & Youtube, etc.

The program online channels

1. Fanpage
- Follower: 29,716 people (June 7th)
- Views of 40 episodes: 8,142,735PV (January 26th)

2. Youtube
- Views of 40 episodes: 539,965PV (June 7th)

In addition, the Japanese version was broadcasted on Kansai regional television. By using the Japanese narration content based on the Vietnamese version, combined with the inspirational voice of the announcer of Kansai TV station, it created a great program to introduce the scenic spots and businesses in Kansai region.

Watch the Japanese version here.

The exciting Kansai - Ep 10/ Sennan Long Park and Naniwa Sake Brewery

The exciting Kansai - Ep 10/ Ibonoito Somen and Higashimaru Shoyu

The short program (short movie) is a solution approaching easily to audiences and have effective approach in online PR platforms.
Please feel free to contact us for more details related to online PR service.