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For inquiries and questions to Kilala Communication, please contact from the form below. After confirming the contents of the inquiry, we will contact you in return. Please note that depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time for the response.
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Personal Information Management

1. Personal Information Privacy Officer
President is our company privacy officer.
Please contact the following details about personal information privacy officer.

2. Purpose of using personal information
Your personal information will be used for inquiries.

3. About the provision and consignment of the personal information to third-party
We do not provide personal information to third parties unless you agree or are based on law.
However, we may consign all or part of the management of the acquired personal information. The site server is installed in an external company.

4. Information disclosure and contact detail
We will announce the purpose of using personal information, publishing, editing, adding or remove, stop using at the request of the user.
Please Contact us or visit our website for more information about the disclosure.

5. Personal information providing notice
Filling in "corporate name / department name", "website URL", "telephone number" is optional. If you fill in, we may call you back.
In addition, we may not be able to contact you if you don’t provide enough necessary information.

6. Safety personal information management method
We will provide necessary and appropriate solutions to manage personal information safely, prevent and overcome leaks and losses.
After response your inquiries, we will delete all acquired personal information. This site is taking encryption measures by SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Privacy policy
Please refer our website Privacy Policy.

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Open hours: 8:00 ~ 17:00 (except saturday, sunday, holiday and company day off)