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Privacy Policy

Kilala Communication Co., Ltd (Kilala for short) have complied with the following information security principle. We create personal information protecting structure, ensure thoroughly all employees’ awareness about the importance of information privacy.

1. Personal information management

In order to preserve the most accurate information of customers and prevent unauthorized access, loss, fraud, leakage, we maintain a security system, constantly improve and raise our employees awareness in implementing method to ensure personal safety information thoroughly.

2. Purpose of using personal information

We use customer information to survey opinions and recommend services via email or directly.

3. About third-party provision and consignment of personal information

We strictly guarantee the information received from customers and absolutely not disclose to third parties in addition to the following cases:

  • In case with the agreement from the customer.
  • Delegate to a third party to proceed service as required by customers.
  • In cases as required by law.

4. Information disclosure and contact detail

We take security measures absolutely to ensure the accuracy and safety of customer information.

5. Customer Inquiry

We are willing to meet your requirements for inspection, correction and deletion when we receive your confirmation.

6. Law observance and review

Along with the compliance of personal information security regulations under Japanese laws, we constantly improve new information security regulations.

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