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Our publication “Kilala Magazine” and our online channel “Kilala Website” bring the Japan culture closer to Vietnam readers through latest news and trends. Kilala has been growing over the years and is trusted by the Vietnamese community interested in Japan.

The success of Feel Japan - an annual event in partnership with Song Han Tourist - has proved the Kilala recognition in Vietnam. The event creates an opportunity to introduce Japan culture, destinations and products to Vietnamese customers. Feel Japan 2019 with 38,000 visitors has become the largest Japanese indoor events ever.

In order to gain the credibility, our company is always looking forward to listening to consumers’ opinion on Japanese products and services. To get the most accurate reviews, we have hosted the Kilala Awards to find the best products of the year.

Kilala creates the 360-degree media channels including events, Kilala magazine, website, SNS, newsletter, EC site, and Kilala SHOP to promote your products and services more efficiently and effectively. Our services provide innovative solutions which will benefit your business in the Vietnam market.