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28 Oct 2019

Press release launching tourism publication “JAPAN GUIDE”

As of the end of June 2019, statistics showed that there were 3,720,000 Vietnamese visiting Japan. This record number has made Vietnam become one of the top three countries with the largest number of overseas tourists in Japan, after China (7,860,000) and South Korea (4,520,000). With a culture similar to Vietnam’s, diverse cuisine, beautiful landscapes, friendly and hospitable people, Japan is becoming the desired destination of many Vietnamese tourists. In recent years, Japan tourism has been increasing rapidly not only from travel agencies but also expanding to independent travels. Understand the needs, Kilala Communication  Co., Ltd officially launched the Japan travel guidebook with the first volume entitled "Japan Guide" dedicated only to Vietnamese tourists. The “Japan Guide” is published by Thong Tan Publishing House and will be available for sale at local bookstores and e-commerce sites nationwide from October 31st, 2019.


Title: Japan Guide
Editor: Kilala Communications Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Thong Tan Publishing House
Cover price: VND 105,000
Specification: size B5, 140 pages including cover page


1) Smart Traveler – Tourism in Industry 4.0:This topic provides all necessary information to plan for the trip such as visa application information, tips for luggage preparation, the latest travel trends and suggested Japanese souvenirs. Japan Guide also includes many detail directions from the airport to the city, and a brief introduction of Internet Access in Japan that make trip planning easy.

2) Railway – Japan Travel Using Railway System:
Railway System is the most popular transportation in Japan, which is still unfamilar to Vietnamese tourists. The category features all guides from booking tickets, reading the complicated map to understanding the public rules on train that can reduce any confusion when using the railway system in Japan. In addition, Japan Guide will introduce the various types of Japan Rail Pass exclusively for tourists to save on transportation cost.

3) 30 Destinations - 30 Suggested Destinations
Besides the "must-visit" destinations: Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka which are well-known to foreign visitors, Japan also has many hidden gems from North to South. Under this topic, Japan Guide will suggest 30 destinations - currently being visited by many locals and oversea tourists. These spots are sorted by 8 prefectures of Japan for easily look up based on the available itinerary. For those who have never been to Japan; hopefully, this listings will inspire to them travel and motivate them to visit the beautiful Japan someday.


1) The first Japan travel guide publication dedicated to and built on the needs of Vietnamese tourists, with familiar contents and images that easy to understand.
2) Exclusive and orthodox information, with support from Japan local governments and Japanese companies.
3) The compact size (B5) with 140 pages (including cover pages) printed in colors - Japan Guide is designed for easily carrying on trip. In each book, there is a lovely set of one bookmark and one post card.
4) In addition to the three main topics, Japan Guide features a general introduction section of Japan, such as population, currency, number of cities, types of accommodation, transportation and cuisine. With comprehensive contents and detail instructions, Japan Guide will be a reference publication suitable for many visitors, whether traveling through an agency or traveling independently.